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Tin cars, trucks, boats , planes, motorcycles

(updated  feb 1, 2018)

Rare large Mitsubishi Galant GTO


size: 32 cm. = 12.6"



Ice cream vendor

occupied japan

mint boxed

working wind-up


Japanese ocean liner 1920

40 cm. long

Photo  in background = SS Barentsz (1915 - 1942)

Very rare original test print for Yonezawa

race boat (have top and bottom)


Super rare original prewar Zeppelin - Air ship

made in Japan

in original box


Very rare demonstration model, plexi made, visible engine + traction

Working condition, illuminated, electrical powered

Huge: 650 mm long


Ultra rare large Air Ship (Zeppelin)

Made by CK Kuramochi Japan

Size: 310 mm.



Arrow A-35 Hydroplane

Marusan Japan, 28 cm.

Charles Rossignol large tin donkey cart

Gunthermann Blue Bird record racer


Size: 53 cm. (21 inch)

Large warship (1920's)

tin and wood, handmade ?

(if handmade, it is very professional)

53 cm.

Complete, has working searchlight

and electrical motor for propulsion

Large SSS cement / concrete mixer, Japan 1960

excellent+ in original box

Ultra rare japanese made

Routemaster London bus


Large : 12.6inch  !

Military fieldkitchen


mint condition

Mobil truck, Japan + box

mint condition

Gasolin truck + box


Mint condition

Red Chrysler Imperial ATC

I am looking for 2 taillights and 1 front light

rare Bing large cabrio, Germany


31 cm. long

superb condition !

Rare Yonezawa tin Harley Davidson


Japan 1950 - 1960

Size: 27 cm.

Original tin pressing 12x Belgian Distler Porsche base

very unique

Huge display model

Train coupe Wagon Lits

only few produced in the 1960 - 1970 for display in travel agencies

RARE !!!

Large Tippco airplane


55 cm. wingspan

Huge childs stove

Around 1900

Tin, metal, brass

With original burner

Large: 42 cm. long !

large Migault acrobat clown

spectacular automata

France, 1910

Very rare Lincoln Continental 1958

Linemar Japan

someone enlarged the opening for the antenna = needs repair;

original antenna and hood ornament !

remote is damaged (can be removed)

Santa Claus scooter

Modern Toys


Very large Chevrolet Impala 63

Nomura, Japan

Excellent + box

King Size

Lorenzy Palanca Promotional tin car

1920's, André, France


Very rare original !

Fantastic condition !

Very rare Bandai Douglas Sky Rocket


very good + box

original nose cone

Lenght: 57 cm. / 22.45 inch

Datsun, Ichiko

Japan, 1970

Lenght: 45 cm.

Large BUB limo, 1926

Lenght: 34 cm. / 13 inch

Made in Germany, missing rear bumper ?

Very rare !

Nice Orion Car

Made in Japan by Nomura

large French horse carriage, 1890

tin with painted wood structure

metal wheels with rubber tyres

needs some restoration


Honda 'Z'

Japan, Nomura

Russian tin motorcycle + sidecar


mint + box

JNF Mercedes

very good + original key

Rare promotional truck Libby's spaghetti sauce

for Canadian market only, made in Japan

In original mailer box !

Car Fleet, made in Japan by KS

Box with 3 cars


Mint condition, excellent box

Large Nomura Cadillac

650 mm. long !


Missing back mascot, very slight dent in roof

All toys are from my own collection, all are very good quality !