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Robots and Space

(updated may 1, 2015)


Nice colorful litho, space theme put put boat

Made in Japan, 1960's

Mint in original package

Harder to find small Lunar Module

Japan 1969

tin Rocket Apollo-1000

Made by Horikawa, Japan



Original art / illustrations by Theodor Lässig


Retro futurism

Very rare !


Atom robot

Japan KO


Lunar Robot

Wind up, strongs sparking system


Japan, Yonezawa 

Rare Lost in Space Robot

AHI, Hong Kong

This robot has been signed by

Bob May and Dick Tufeld !

(original box also signed by Bob May)

(voice and operator in the original motion picture !)


Chief Robot Man

KO, Japan

Mint / boxed

Space Conqueror

Rare Daiya box (not the ugly Cragstan)

Excellent + original box

King Jet Racer

Excellent (missing 1 chrome ring from exhaust and small crack in dome)

Japan, original box

Atomic Robot

Mint in mint box

Japan, Yonezawa